"Contemporary is now, but it takes time to create the masterpiece."

    I am emerging abstract artist working and experimenting with oil paint, which I discovered around age of twenty-two.

   The best way to explain how I work, it is to compare my paintings to the books. If a large canvas was a book, then my painting would be like a writing chapter after chapter, erasing and rewriting, different fragments and different stories which I hope to come together in the epilogue.

Emerging, but quickly progressing, artist Andrea Varhol was born in magical, but rather poor North-East part of Slovakia, in the end of Communistic era, where art was considered unnecessary and ridiculous according the political view.

   Growing up in the country, which went from decline of Communism, to state division between Czech and Slovakia in a very short period of time, didn't help her art grow too much.

   Living in the one of the communistic, virtually identical blocks, surrounded mostly by constructivist architecture, she received only basic art education. Perhaps as her reaction to all the same shapes and uniformity around her, she began with her first abstract drawings and experimenting with colours.


 As she was growing into a young woman, admiring history of art, literature and beauty in general, Slovakia went through yet another major change, becoming part of European Union. Soon after that, hoping for better life, Andrea arrived in England and cooking became her profession.

   Straggling with language and different cuisine, it was there and then, when someone gave her a box of oil paint, as a gift. It was an instant and unconditional love. Never been trained how to use them, there was almost no technique in her painting, just the try and error over and over again.

Now settled in Netherlands,
where she found her love and still cooking, Andrea's style sits somewhere between abstract expressionism and surrealist automatism. Her inspiration comes mostly from deep perceiving of human nature and from mesmerising beauty of the world. Blessed with insomnia, to create something beautiful, is the most important for her.

   The journey of every artist is beautifully unique.

       In 2016 she debuted with International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai. Shortlisted her painting ended in "The Best Of 2016" coffee table book.

   In 2017 she was awarded "Special Merit" category for outstanding work of art by Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery and was and is part of exhibitions in Florence and Milan.

   Selected by Art Management Berlin her art was just published in edition of "The First Berliner Art Book 2018". 

   In January she received another "Special Merit" award in All Women competition 2018, had first article about her published in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine and just recently she was awarded with the International Prize of Nations-Tribute to Tiziano in Venice, for her artistic merit.

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