Since I started painting, I have always been attracted by the material of which our world is composed: stone, earth, but also wood, concrete and steel, the elements of which the humanized landscape is composed. My artistic research is simultaneously anthropological and naturalistic, on the traces of natural elements that man, in his desire to conquer spaces and to exploit every resource, has almost erased, both in the physical world and in our consciousness. 

When I paint, I look for the beauty and the courage of life in a world that suffocates it, takes away its nourishment, consumes it. The ferment of evolution, of the natural differences that adapt, with the power of despair, in a paradise devastated by pollution, overpopulation, deforestation and irresponsible exploitation of every natural resource.

 This is why in my paintings we see the suffering grace of a twilight landscape, with its ancient harmony, its mystery that contains the meaning of our presence on this planet, the network of proportions and attractions that appears to us as a miracle and extends to the confines of a magical universe. My art is love for life in every expression. It is synchronicity with the wind that sings in a forest, with the high flight of an eagle on a landscape that was wonderful and wild long before man became master of the Earth, with enchanting and moving places, which will still be ours only if we recover wisdom and humility, finding again our role in nature, as host and not as looters.

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