Carollyn was born in Lake Grace, West Australian in 1957, She is an artist who has taken inspiration from her childhood country background, living in Lake King where the land and salt lakes extend as far as the eye can see. It is the vast open spaces of the lakes and the effect of the sun on the landscape that have become an integral part of her work. The horizon is almost always present in her paintings as it is in the land that she saw most days as a child. The existence of the horizon line takes the viewer off on a journey into the unknown with water or the lack of, generally being the subject matter and interest in her life. The lack of fresh water played a huge role in her becoming an artist. Many paintings have been inspired by her love of water in all the forms that it takes.

Painting started for her when she was in hospital after an accident involving a huge

water tank while collecting garden water during drought conditions, almost losing her

foot. This was when she was eleven and she has pursued the arts ever since.

The people who have influenced and encouraged her in the field of painting are her

mum Nancy Rhodes and artist mentors of note, the late Elisabeth Ford, Gareth Morse

and the known Australian artist Thomas Gleghorn from South Australia with whom

she still has contact.

She passionately believes that everyone can paint because it’s not only about the

‘seeing’ sense that is required to paint, but all of the senses. She says, ‘look beyond what you think you see.’ Look at it… Walk through it… Touch it… Take part in it…Live it….. Taste it…Collect it…Smell it…Listen to it… Feel it… Know it… Enjoy it...Love it… Then, when it’s inside… and you just know it’s a part of you… then… Paint it!!! You have to trust yourself to do whatever comes. Let go of the learned.

Carollyn holds a Bachelor of Education having worked as a classroom teacher and as an Art Specialist in both government and Private schools in pre, primary, secondary schools, and with adults throughout Perth and internationally for over 38 years. She has been an artist in residence at the Parmelia Hilton studio for a total of 14 months during 2010 and 2011, an artist in residence at the Wild Twig Studio for two and a half years during 2014,2015 and 2016, then became a founding Member of SUBIARTCO progressive artist group residing in Central Subiaco and at Point Fraser in East Perth at the end of 2016. She currently holds the position of the Artist in Residence at the Beverley Station Gallery, a magnificent Heritage listed train station donated to the people for the purpose of supporting all of the Arts, situated in the wheat belt of Western Australia, until the end of March 2018. While Carollyn’ art pieces are displayed and sold in the Subiaco and East Perth locations and from her website, she also has a substantial number of paintings being rented in housing development projects and prime real estate. In addition to painting, Carollyn enjoys collecting objects of interest from all kinds of places, then creatively assembling them into original and unique artefacts jewellery and sculptures. Currently she is involved with bronze splashes from a bronze sculptors studio and driftwood that she has collected from the Swan River and local beaches. Future projects include a salt lake instillation of fresh water paintings done by school children and community artists and groups to bring awareness to the world about the salinity problems in our ever increasing salt effected lands. This is a project of huge importance to the world and she sees that with human intervention of planning and planting and planting more and more and more trees With an understanding of the topography of the land and how we can better serve the land , it is possible to help it back up on its feet, in an important move forward for our grand children of the future.

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