Christian Aumüller was born in 1971 in Kollerschlag, Upper Austria. As the eldest of four children, he completed his apprenticeship as a machinist from 1986 to 1990, where his affinity to creativity was already apparent. Since 1993 he works as a painter and draftsman. Since 2006 he also writes lyrical texts. His works appeal to the most diverse social strata and arouse more and more interest among art collectors. Christian Aumüller is the father of three children, he lives and works in Upper Austria.

Christian Aumüller creates a connection between the real and the surreal, mostly enchanted by

erotic detail. The result is intermediate worlds with strong, life-affirming colors, clear forms and contours, and

expressive words that always reveal a portrait of the human emotional spectrum.

The figure of the 'Kugelbaron' leads through this spectrum in all its facets and is present in many works. Also striking is the recurrent theme of the human act, which manifests in its uniqueness and beauty as an illustration our secret fears, longings, dreams, hopes and desires.

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