Dave Weindorf was born in 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He's a self-taught, abstract expressionist painter. Weindorf's artwork reflects his lifelong interest in history, describing it as a desire to know the past that shapes the future. As a kid he remembers being interested in Egyptian hieroglyphics and cave drawings. Dave's current focus is on the Vikings and pre-continental pilgrims since finding out his connections to them through his DNA. He spends most of his time studying the history of art, architecture, culture and migrations. Weindorf's work has been exhibited in Verum Ultimum Gallery and Michigan’s Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lowell Arts Gallery and ArtPrize. 

Dave has won multiple ArtSlant Showcase awards and selected as one of their Under the Radar artists. He's also had the opportunity to exhibit at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam and Agora Gallery of New York. Pace Galleries also exhibited his art plates in late 2001, with sales donated to 1st responders of 9/11. His work has been featured in Counterproductiv Magazine, Contemporary Art Curator, Aesthetica Magazine, and Studio Visit, a juried art book. He lives with his wife and dog, Dusty, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"Dave Weindorf's practice is built upon a fascination with hieroglyphics and historical runes. Blending the past with contemporary contexts, he offers a sense of conceptual and compositional movement. Bold colours delve into the raw nature of expression, translated through modern materials."

 - Aesthetica Magazine

"Michigan based painter David Weindorf combines the visual languages of hieroglyphs, cave art, and ancient runes to create intuitive paintings rich with symbolism. His acrylic canvases often utilize bright, shocking color and combine ancient elements to create modern and mysterious compositions." - Agora Gallery

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