Based in São Paulo/BR, Fabiolla Loureiro has been working as a photographer since 2010. First as a hobby, a Nikon D50 and only one lens, she ended up discovering within the photography herself. She developed her skills in studio with her sister (Studio Loureiro), where she mainly explored portraits and nude photography. But in the last few years, she became obsessed with travels (over 30 countries), and found herself involved with this freedom and opportunity that this kind of photography allows.

With minimum use of Photoshop, we realize in her photos the practice of natural light and an abundance of black and white. Her inspiration comes from names like Brassaï and Robert Capa, chaotic urban lifestyle, rainy nights and also the period before World War II. Also, Fabiolla is one of the permanent artists of Andreus Gallery/SP and currently participates in an architecture/design project with Casa Portoro.

In this project, she has more than 40 photos in exhibition, different measures, that are part of a few ambiences in the house in collaboration with some of the biggest names of architecture in Brazil. In the past year, she had 3 exhibitions that happened in London, São Paulo and Bologna. Her first 3 individuals happened in 2016. In January 2018, she was selected as one of the members of Contemporary Art Curator, an online contemporary art magazine, where it covers visual arts events and connects artists from all over. She studied in Focus Fotografia in São Paulo, BR.

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