Giuseppe Tabacco (Catania, 1961). He specialized in Scenography in Milan at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (1984): already since 1981, however, his multifaceted nature places him in comparison with the international art scene. Two parallel paths: painting and set design. Professional and recognized scenographer (his projects and achievements for famous television programs such as, Scherzi a Parte, L'isola dei Famosi, La Talpa, La Pupa and Il Secchione, Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen, Project Runway, etc.) is dedicated to research pictorial exploiting the knowledge that his profession brings as a dowry. 

Through the photographic medium and the digital graphic manipulation, Tabacco produces a visual synthesis that recovers line and color to the painting, then returning them to the extremely simplified canvas. This process, called morphism, allows the structural transformation of a subject keeping certain elements intact, linking others to the abstract process. The result tells of a reality in which the exasperation of the color emphasis is mediated by the sobriety of the scene, recovered from a newspaper that is elevated to artistic matter.

 There are numerous exhibition presences both in Italy (Rome, Turin, Piacenza, Catania, Florence, Verona, Venice) and abroad (Hollywood, New York, Washington, Paris, Vienna). He works in Milan, Rome and Castelvetro (PC) where he lives.

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