I was born in El Salvador, CA For 25 years I dedicated myself to Classical and contemporary Dance (Royal Academy of Dancing). During this period I danced with several dance companies (Ballet Concerto, in El Salvador, The Tampa Ballet, in Tampa Florida, Momentum in Guatemala). Dance transformed my life and taught me the meaning of perseverance and hard work. Which I have applied to my personal and artistic life. It has also helped me develop a deep love for music, light and Movement. In 1984 I Earned BS degree in Arts Management from the University of Tampa, Florida with a minor in Visual Arts. During the 80's I had the opportunity manage art galleries in Florida and in El Salvador. Later married in Guatemala city and while raising my three children, what I call my masterpiece, I obtained a Master's on line degree in Family Education at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain. I have worked in the family business with my husband in construction and real state for several years. In 2012 I returned to the visual arts world, and have since dedicated my work to oil painting and photography.

Dance has been a way to express myself from infancy until maturity. Movement draws on space, enveloping the body and generating shapes. I have been working with envoltorios—a topic that I am passionate about because everything in life, even our selves, comes in wrappers and layers—for a couple of years now. I use plastic and paper market bags, and have created various plastic dresses, sculptures and other installations, such as 3D sculptures of PLA bioplastic. However, the majority of my work are oil paintings—I am fascinated and intrigued by hyperrealism—and photographs. Through my work I search to create a dialogue around “wrappings" (envoltorios) - the human habit of wrapping up to protect - and so uncover the current abuse of plastic in all of its versions. Rather than denouncing this reality which shocking or negative pieces, my aesthetic highlights the designs, folds, and transparencies of plastic bags by visually recycling them.

Their short life in our hands turns into forever on the face of the earth. With this emerald aesthetic I am attempting to restore the fading rhythm, and drive away the chaos caused by plastic waste in our planet, fruit of the infinite consumerism that characterizes our current society.

Fifty years ago, the scientific innovation that was plastic dazzled the world: It was cheap, indestructible, and fantastic. Today, we continue to feel an attraction for plastic that is destroying our planet, and us with it. The question that remains to be answered is whether or not plastic is an institution. Currently, though we do not want to admit it, we have a cult and adoration dedicated to the objects made from this material. We center our lives around it, and it has become as essential as the air we breathe. Bags, flatware, computers, pacemakers, prosthetics, and spaceships are all made out of this noble material we choose to prostitute. Where would society be without plastic? Is it trash or treasure?

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