These works – nine from last years and one from past just for an example – show how long journey it has been from the years 1997-1998 up to this day. In the year 1998 I had a big exhibition in which many of the works were concerning a baby in difficult circumstances. Though I have lost both the first and the second of my babies as newborn, this baby in those works was myself. I had made visual things to which I had no words. But this exhibition was so strong that I lost my performance for several years. I had brought into daylight things which were hidden and forbidden. Which I knew nothing about, only that this is part of me and this is the reason why I am what I am. Why there is something wrong in me. Later it turned out that I had been sexually abused by both of my parents almost from the beginning.

Since then I have had to rebuild myself allover. Mind had to be repaired. Life has been from time to time fight against discontinuing the life itself. But I have had a good doctor with whose help I have survived and little by little got my strength back. As can be seen from my new works I am able to see beauty and hope, but the journey has been long and rough. I have wanted to show how severe the damage which even own parents can cause to the child can be, but I also want to give hope no matter on what circumstances you start from. The children need our collective protection.

2018 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2017 Galleria Ronga Puoti, Tampere2017 Koskenmäen koulu, Nokia2016 Galleria Koppelo Tampere2015 Galleria 4-kuus, Helsinki2014 Tampere-talo
2014 Pispala library, Tampere
2014 Galleria Virinä, Virrat2013 Jaatsi, Sastamala2013 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2012 TAYS, Tampere2012 Galleria Koppelo, Tampere2010 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2007 Galleria 4-Kuus, Helsinki2005 Metso library, Tampere2004 Galleria 4-Kuus, Helsinki2003 Pispala library, Tampere2002 Mielenterveysyhdistys Taimi, Tampere1998 Nokian Taidetalo, Nokia1997 Galleria Ariel, Tampere1996 Galleria 1, Turku1993 Galleria Art Leonardo, Tampere 

2017 Galleria Ronga, Tampere, "Nurjapuoli"2016 Galleria Höyry, Korpilahti2016 Galleria Napa, Rovaniemi2015-2017 Galleria Torni, Tampere2015 Galleria Ronga Tampere "Hyvässä ja pahassa"2015 Galleria Ronga Tampere "Itse teossa"2014 Tehdassaari, Nokia2014 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2014 Mältinranta, Tampere "Taiteilija vailla nimeä"2013 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2012  2009 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2012 Tampere Maja, Tartu, Estonia2012 Jaatsi, Sastamala2012 Siilinranta, Mouhijärvi2011 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2011 Siilinranta, Mouhijärvi2011 Galleria 3h+k, Pori2010 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2009 Galleria 4-Kuus, Helsinki2009 Galleria Ronga, Tampere2003 Amnesty International Women´s Day exhibition, Tampere  BIENNALES, ART FAIRS
2018 Dolomiti Art Fair, Italy2017 International Biennal of Contemporary Art, Museum Gonzaga of Mantova2017 Bienal de Arte Barcelona. MEAM Museum2017 Biennale del mediterranean, Palermo2016 Ximenes Palace, Florence2016 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris2016 Artexpo Milan2016 Architectural Digest Design Show, New York2016 Artexpo, New York2016 Art Monaco, Monte Carlo2015 Parallax Art Fair, London

"All my works are kind of self portraits, an attempt to fnd an expression to things which I have no words for. The way children are treated, the mental health, hope, the blindness of this time, these kind of things I try to come closer. We also treat this planet the same way as each other.”

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