I seek above all the expression of the body in an aesthetic that seeks to make this realistic poetry in a work shifting reality in order to touch the sensibility of the mind in an approach as emotional as scientific. We are dust of stars. How not to be amazed at the splendor of the universe? 

The nebulae, the galaxies, the infinite diversity of stars and beauties that space offers us. Our bodies, molecules and atoms are derived from the stars. The bodies I represent in their beauty, I express them on the colors of the universe as so much explosive nebula. 

The Greeks bore the body to perfection in order to sublimate the human in its divine and perfect. It becomes an integral and exalted part of it in its transcendent aspect of the world that permeates life. We are reflections of light, we are dust of stars. Digital painting is a form of art that originated in the 1990s. Traditional painting techniques are applied using a graphics tablet and software. Today’s instruments allow precise movements. Digital painting is very similar to traditional painting, but differs from it on its nonlinear process and the lack of physical support. On the other hand, it is easier today to make an impression of art of high quality. To conclude, you could compare digital painting to artistic photography or even serigraphy as equally valuable artistic expressions.

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