I'm 14, and humbled to hear from gallery curators that 'm a PRO! I hail from the scenic Massachusetts state. At an early age of 3, I started exploring colors. By 8, I knew I can draw gracefully in bigger canvases expressing myself. My first solo exhibit at age 12, gave me wings to fly! Organizations noticed me and I boarded on a philanthropic journey with them through my arts. I realized I can be supportive to this world’s needs through my colors. That realization was blissful! My charity project "MOTHERHOOD"for the YWCA FinaHouse was unveiled on July 6th 2017, which made a really big impact on me and the community. I realized how well my art could heal, sooth and warm their hearts which is more than any million dollars! (Thanks to YWCA Marketing director Susan McNeff for finding me, inviting me and entrusting me with this project)

Art is an outlet to relieve my emotions and perceptions. I love to draw surreal-real combo, so I call my works, ‘DREAMLIKE’. It’s like I lived their lives in the past, soI could relate to all my characters. My thoughts and works are in a different dimension. I love trying new techniques on my 3 dimensional works, using several media appealing to the eyes and human brain. My favorites are the chalk powder and acrylic technique, along with silver, pearl, jewelry, fabric and wood embossing. Mostly ‘m a self-taught artist. Right now, 'm a Freshman at the Walnut Hill School for The Arts in Natick MA and my school is magical! I've a beautiful dream though! I wish the MASTER MICHELANGELO himself guides me one day. Again an unrealistic surreal DREAM, like my paintings!! I had my first international exhibit at age 13 in World Art Dubai! It was a marvelous experience for me, where I got conncted with innumerable artist, curators and collectors from 32 different countries.

I see the disbelief in their eyes, seeing my works, and my age(common in all my shows)! They called me "The Genius Artist'! I enjoyed every bit of the show! Just signed a one yr. contract with Manhattan Gallery, the gallery becoming an agent by marketing my works. I'll be working with them in New York, Miami and Monte Carlo. I'm into some contracts and commissions for my works as well. At present, several of my works are circulating in and around galleries, some through juried exhibits in New England, getting more invitees for solo shows by leading galleries around the world. My link https://www.facebook.com/Meghartz I get motivated and inspired by my admirer’s support. I love the fact, that my art pleases people uplifting their spirit and that touches my spirit and directly influences my works. What more could I ask for from my arts? But I know, my journey is just beginning and my learning with colors will never end!

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