The artist Giorgio Soave lives and works in Verona, Italy. He is a painter of chromatic geometries with homogeneous backgrounds that looks at the colorist lesson of Gauguin and Mirò to paint the landscapes of the soul. A lyrical abstraction in the contemporary art scene.

I consider myself an abstractionist painter, who uses color and fixed lines on the canvas or sheet of paper to create harmonious pictorial sets that can stimulate feelings of pleasure and serenity in the observer or disharmony and disturbance. Parallel to the activity of architect, activity that has been realized realizing residential buildings, industrial and in the tertiary sector, working for private and public bodies, I pursued the research in the aesthetic-artistic field by participating in exhibitions and competitions (premioartelaguna) of painting in Italy and abroad (Innsbruk's art fair). In 2010 I was selected for the second phase in the competition for the creation of an artistic window of the New Command of the Fire Brigade of Imperia in the Crespi Barracks.

Are artists born or become? Nobody has succeeded so far to give a definitive answer to the question. In the case of Giorgio Soave it is rather a rediscovery, a deep-rooted passion that has evolved over time, passing from "looking" to "doing". It is a creative urgency that sometimes in the architect's craft does not find free rein and that we must painstakingly make space between regulatory and economic constraints.

The canvas becomes an infinite space, well beyond the physical format of the support, nature and space built by men become saturated backgrounds of flat and dense color, evolutionary geometries and tests for the viewer's imagination. And many now look at his works, involved in the chromatic happiness of pure two-dimensional forms. Interesting are the paintings of the cycle "IL CIRCOLO ROSSO", an energy point from which shapes and colors develop, a theme often visited by the artist and pictorial works developed from travel notes "IMPRESSIONS FROM ISTANBUL", the traditional theme of discovery of the other by itself, in this case a pretext for the inexhaustible introspection from which new coloristic inspirations spring forth.

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