Volo Bevza is a Berlin-based artist who concentrates on digital nature. He works with a digitally generated subject matter: visual information is first processed by software, then translated into an oil painting.

In recent works, Bevza converts three-dimensional scanned scenes into two-dimensional compositions.

Was born in 1993 in Vyshneve, Ukraine.



Study program in Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin,

painting department, prof. Werner Liebmann


Master program in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, stage design


In 2014 completed the full course of National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture having specialized in “Fine Art”

(bachelor degree), prof. Andriy Aleksandrovych-Dochevsky,

graduated with honor.

Group exhibitions 


“H2” SEZ (Berlin, Germany)  

“Drag and Drop” Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz (Berlin, Germany)  

“Böse Bluten” Kunstquartier Bethanien (Berlin, Germany)  

“UK to Germany” Fata Morgana gallery (Berlin, Germany)  


“Under my Thumb” Neu West Berlin Galerie (Berlin, Germany)  


Third National photo prize of Ukraine «Photographer of the year 2014», project «Shiffts» (together with Victoria Pidust), 3rd place in the category «Landscape (Flora)»; M17 Centre for Contemporary art (Kyiv, Ukraine)       

Awards 2015-2017 Daad Scholarship to live and study in Berlin 

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